To help a distribution/retailer penetrate a weak market, TWI performed a regional market analysis and a survey of existing customers.  From the combined data sources, TWI provided specific marketing actions and goals, which led to an increase in sales of $4,000 within two months and nearly doubled sales within a year.

TWI assisted in performing surveys and focus groups, and in compiling comprehensive research that led to a name change and a new identity for a major industry association.

For one client, TWI increased primary/secondary media coverage by 713% in one year and increased circulation by 756%.

Through media analysis for an international firm, we found that regional press coverage was lacking in specific geographies.  Through strategic media targeting, the regional coverage was increased by over 75% in one year.

To enhance shareholder awareness, a media tour was conducted that resulted in TV and print publicity that helped create an upturn in stock purchase activity.

Prior to a company’s meeting with a significant client, a timely article about their firm was strategically placed in The New York Times.  The article’s appearance the day of the client meeting lent great credibility to the company.